About Us 2

Khione, Goddess of Winter

Pronounced kee-ohn, (like, we are going to key-OWN the world), this Greek goddess’ name is perfect for our company. One, it’s a cool name. Two, our product is made to give you mastery over winter camping. Who better to give you that mastery?

Khione Awakens

The idea of the SHEL started when Caleb Lystrup went camping June 2016 and began to suffer from “Cold Butt Syndrome.” So he wrapped two sleeping bags around his hammock and survived the night. And behold, the idea for the SHEL was born.

Recruiting his good friend, Casey Messick, these two engineering graduate students set out to create the SHEL. Since then, dozens of prototypers, Search and Rescue, and a US Military Special Ops team have helped us hone in our design, and we’re just about ready to release it on Kickstarter, August 15

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Khione’s Team

Caleb Lystrup


Casey Messick


Sabrina Messick


Sileena Stevens

Events and Media Relations

Dallin Cardon


Nicholas Taylor


Matt Norton

Product Rep Coordinating

Daniel Nash

Web Development