Most Recent SHEL Design Changes

Design Changes

We’ve made some improvements to the SHEL, vetted by our Kickstarter backers and avid hammockers. We will get new video and pictures up as soon as we can! Hang Tight! But for now, here are some illustrations to help convey these changes.

Zippered Entrance

Problem – Pull-over method was difficult

Our Kickstarter backers gave us the idea to put in a zippered entrance. So we found a way to do it without compromising the storm resistance of the SHEL.

Result – Easy entrance and more

The zipper entrance makes it (1) easy to get in and out of the SHEL, (2) set-up and take-down is faster, and (3) better for placement of goose down for optimal heat retention.

The zipper is the line curving around the right window drawn in the image above.


Attachable, Lightweight Rain-fly

Problem – Entering and exiting during rain

We want to reiterate that the SHEL is rain-proof and a stand-alone weekend getaway shelter without the rain-fly. However, for those times you want to hammock during constant storming, you need a way to get dry outside of the SHEL and a way to enter and exit the SHEL while remaining dry.

Result – You and your hammock stay dry

With the added a detachable rainfly to bring with you during the heaviest of storms. Now when you need to exit and enter during constant rain, use the rain-fly to cover the entrance and you’ll stay dry and also have a shelter outside of the SHEL!

More Ventilation and Windows

Problem – Needed more ventilation

With two small windows and two vents, the SHEL can actually get TOO HOT! Also, in very high humidity, there was still some condensation.

Result – More heat control and no condensation

The SHEL now has another window and more vents. If it gets hot, now you can remain bug free and cool! The larger vents have been moved above your head to vent moisture from your breath.


Fully Reflective Interior

Problem – A few cold sleepers were not fully comfortable in the SHEL

Our previous heat-rating at 32°F felt only survivable for some. That means they barely got by in a winter camping situation.

Result – Winter hammocking is much warmer

The entire inside of the SHEL now has a heat reflective surface, whereas before only the bottom half did. This means your winter hammocking trips will be safer and much more comfortable.


We Care About Your Experience

At Khione, we care about our outdoor experiences. In making the SHEL, we hope to make camping a much more pleasant and simple experience, so we can enjoy nature more. Please reach out if you have any questions or comments!

We love to hear feedback from you all, so feel free to contact us at or leave a comment if you have any additional questions!

10 thoughts on “Most Recent SHEL Design Changes

  1. Hey Caleb, we’ve spoken before about this: star gazing. Can the zippered entrance be held open by a string tie or some other mechanism to look to the side and up at the stars?


    1. Also, can you guys take a video of this newest version and do kind of a walk through of the new features?

      1. Hey Brandon,

        I’ll step in here for Caleb. Good question! Yes, the windows and zippered entrance will have a toggle or tie-down to keep them open for star-gazing 🙂

        We are wrapping up the final prototype. As soon as that’s down, we will get a new video up to walk-through the new design!

        Thanks man!


    1. Hey Brian,

      We are anxious to get these out to you. We are wrapping up manufacturing on the final design so we can share a walk-through video along with photos. Thanks for the comment!


  2. Fantastic article about outdoor gears. I learnt many things here that are important for every hiker or traveler. i appreciate your reviews website about gears. hope will be learn more things soon in up upcoming articles going to bookmark your site.

  3. I can’t wait until this new design! I almost just bought the older one and saw the newer one is almost done in production! I’m super stoked I have showed multiple buddies the one picture of the prototype you have up, and they’re sold on it guys!! Wonderful product, can’t wait to get my hands on it!!! Thanks for making a product so incredible! Keep up the good and hard work. One love guys! Keep exploring and adventure onwards!

    1. I’m glad you guys approve of these changes! Just so you know, the “older version” is not being produced. Everyone who preordered based on the older design will be getting the new design upon completion of manufacture.

      Thanks for the encouragement! Sleep taut!

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