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Hammocks Freeze Your Butt

Millions of campers prefer hammocks,

but hammocks alone can freeze your backside at night. The SHEL is a hammock shelter that keeps you comfortable in any weather condition.

Simple, Elegant Solution

The SHEL is an all-in-one shelter

that replaces the need for a bug net, tarp, underquilt, and even sleeping bag, while being easy to set up. Just pull the SHEL over your hammock and cinch it up.

Take it Anywhere

The Shel is ultralight,

it weighs less than 30 oz—letting you take it anywhere. It will keep you warm in the snow, dry in the rain, and even safe from mosquitos.

Kickstarter Ended Sept. 22

We raised $94K and starting production,

but we’re still offering preorder prices before shipping out our Kickstarter orders.

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Tested and Perfected

We have been testing prototypes with Search and Rescue, as well as regular people.

Recently, we have been working with a Special Ops team to further hone the design. Because of great feedback from so many cool people, we have been able to create this amazing shelter. You will love the SHEL.

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